Конспект урока по английскому я зыку по теме «Компьютерное обеспечение и основные операции»

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НазваниеКонспект урока по английскому я зыку по теме «Компьютерное обеспечение и основные операции»
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Конспект урока по английскому языку по теме «Компьютерное обеспечение и основные операции»
Подготовила преподаватель по английскому языку: Нечаева Алёна Юрьевна
Тип урока: комбинированный
Цели урока:


1. Формировать коммуникативную компетенцию по теме "Компьютеры".

2. Способствовать расширению словарного запаса студентов.

3. Активизировать употребление компьютерной лексики в устной и письменной речи.

4. Интегрировать знания английского языка и ИКТ.

1. Развивать навыки чтения и перевода текста с терминологической лексикой.

2. Способствовать развитию логического мышления ,памяти, внимания и умения анализа и сравнения.

1. Воспитывать любовь и интерес к избранной специальности.

2. Повышать мотивацию к изучению иностранных языков.

3. Прививать навыки эффективного взаимодействия и умения работать в паре и группе .


Учебник О. Карпюк,

Дидактический материал (карточки с заданиями),

Компьютер, проектор, мультимедийная установка.


І. Организационный момент.

- Good morning, Dear students! I’m glad to see you. Today we continue to talk about communication technologies.

ІІ. Фонетическаязарядка:

- Let’s read and practice the tongue twister:
Bits Bytes Chips Clocks Bits in bytes on chips in box.

Bytes with bits and chips with clocks.

Chips in box on ether-docks.


1) What is the computer?

  1. Do you have a computer at home?

  2. Сan you work on a computer?

  3. Сan you use a computer only for work?

  4. Can you make computer programs?

  5. How much time a day do you spend in front of the computer ?

ІІІ. Основнаячасть

- As you can guess today we are going to talk about computers. We’ll learn new words, read the text, write exercises, work with cards, discuss and do the crossword.

- Once upon a time there were no computers, no video games, CD-ROM players, modern TV, fast phone connections,etc. A lot of things were not possible. But now the world is quite different and we can’t imaging it without computers. Can you tell me where computer is used now.

(Banks, cartoons, fax machines, games, hospitals, industrial robots, jet planes, libraries, newspapers, TV, sports, washing machines, X-ray scanners.)

– Computers can transfer money from one account to another.

– Computers can be used to organize thousands single pictures used to make cartoons.

– Computers are used to send and print the signal from machine to machine.

- Chess can be played with the help of computers.

– A hospital patient’s health can be analyzed by a computer.

– Some companies use computer – controlled robots.

– Computers help guide planes by giving pilots important information such as speed and altitude.

– Books and other materials are checked out by using computers. Each book has a bar code.

– Reporters write their articles on the computer.

– Computers are used to control much in television.


disk/floppy-гибкий диск/дискета
mousepad-коврик для мышки
CPU (centralprocessingunit)-ЦПУ (процессор)
Surgeprotector-устройствозащиты от переводанапряжения
CD-ROMdisc-CD-ROM диск
Matherboard-материнская плата
Laptop-портативныйкомпьютер (лаптоп)
Externalspeaker-звуковая колонка
Harddiskdrive-накопитель на жесткомдиске


3.Read the text and find the equivalents of the following words:

клавиатура, принтер, устройство, жёсткий диск, программное обеспечение, процессор, память, существенный, немедленно.

«The Fundamentals: hardware and software»

A computer consists of a screen, a keyboard and a boxlike case with the “brains” of the system. For most tasks you’ll also need a printer and, perhaps, a pointing device called a mouse. This equipment is called hardware.By itself, hardware is like a cassette player without tapes. A computer needs programs, or software, which usually includes one or more computer discs and a printed instruction manual.

The price depends on the hardware’s brain power—the type of processor and the size of its memory. How much power do you need? That depends of the software you’ll use. In general, words and numbers demand less from a computer than pictures and sound.Sufficient power is important because a computer works interactively. With hardware that isn’t up to the job, you might have to wait 30 seconds for an on-screen thesaurus to look up a word. But with the right system the entry would appear instantly.

A computer is an electronic device that stores information and allows changes is it through the use of (1) instructions. A modern computer is capable of doing various through tasks, like (2)word processing and (3) accounting. Personal computers (PCs) are widely used but widely used but working on them requires some techniques.

After turning on the computer a (4) PC user should (5) log into the (16) network by entering their (7) user name and (8) password. Allow some time for the (9) operation system to (10) load. Soon you’ll see a (11) menu (or icons) on the monitor screen. With the help of the mouse or the keyboard choose the needed icon and start the programme. The programme allows the user to type texts, draw objects and (12) diagrams. While drawing one can (13) shape, (14) move, (15) transform, (16) copy and (17) fill objects. When creating texts we (18) format, (19) edit and copy them. Both drawings and texts can be (20) saved or (21) deleted. If you have a printer, you can (22) print the information displayed on the screen. Don’t forget to save your (23) file onto your (24) herd disk and (25) beck it up onto the floppies.

CD-ROMs can be used to produce images on the computer screen. The user can move around the programme be (26) clicking on different parts of the screen with a mouse. Clicking on the text will provide a new screen with more information, either in the form of text and diagrams, or as an animated cartoon.

Computers give us (27) access [‘aekses] to the Internet-an international computer network connecting other networks and computers from companies, universities or individuals etc. You can spend a lot of your free time (28) surfing the Internet and get all sorts of information from if. You can enter the (29) chat room with other Internet users and debate urgent problems (30) on line. If you are connectable by (31) e-mail (have an e-mail address), you can correspond with your friends or open your own (32) web page (web site) and place there information about yourself.


^ Now let’s do some exercises to our text

Exercise.Read the text once more time and put each of the following words in its place in the passage below.

software computers peripherals calculator ports

monitor keyboard configuration hardware printer

So you only have a pocket (1)_____to do addition, multiplication and so on, you want to know about real (2)_____? Right. Well, the machines themselves are called the (3)_____ and the programs that you feed into them are called the (4)_____. If you want to see the results of what you are doing, you’ll need a (5)____or you’ll have to plug into a television set. You’ll operate your machine like a typewriter by pressing keys on the (6)______. If you want to record on the paper of what you are doing, you’ll need a (7)______. On the rear panel of the computer there several (8)_______into which you can plug a wide range of (9)______-- modems, fax machines and scanners. The main physical units of a computer system are generally known as the (10)______.


^ Exercise.Match the words on the left with their definitions on the right.


1)      modem a) a system that allows messages to be sent from

one computer to another

2)      software b) feeling certain


3)      e-mail c) a piece of electronic equipment that allows information

to be sent from one computer to another


4)      confident d) a piece of news


5)      hard disk e) the study or use of computers and other electronic equipment


6)      information f) a part inside a computer that can store technology,


7)      message g) the programmes that you put into computer to make them do

the job they want

Exercise.Join these split sentences.


1.      Knowing how a) an electronic machine which is used to store

to use the computer and organize information/

2. The term “virtual reality” b) when your computer crashes

3. A computer is c) describes computer images which appear

4. Customers’ names and d) you should invite a specialist

addresses are stored

5. More and more schools e) your computer can become obsolete

are using multimedia

6. In only a few years f) as a teaching aid

7. It is very annoying g) is a useful skill

8. If you can’t fix h) on our database


Look at the Word Map with verbs that are used before the word “a file”.

Exercise.Complete the paragragh below with the words in the box and in the Word Map above.



Save delete

Open copy


Compress, directories, folders, subdirectories, subfolders

Files can be organized into … and … or … and … . This allows the user to create categories for files which can be organized and accessed easily. It is possible to … and … files and folders, to … them, … them, … them or … them from one area to another. It is possible to … or … files, so that they use less space. This can be useful, for example, when sending files via email. File compression programs such as Win Zip can be used to do this.

Click, menu,

Cursor, icon,

Word processor

Exercise. Match the words in the box with their definitions below. Then compare your answer with the partner.

    1. … is a list of computer operations.

    2. … is a small picture or symbol.

    3. … is software for aerating text files.

    4. … means to press and release the button on the mouse.

    5. … is a little arrow on the screen that moves when you move the mouse.


So, computer has become an important part of our life – some people can admire it, some can call it “devil”, but no one can deny it.

Work in pairs.Make up your dialogues. Ask each other questions:

  1. Do you have a computer at home?

  2. Are you a computer wizard?

  3. How much time do you spend at your computer?

  4. How do you use your computer?

  5. Do you have an access to the Internet?

  6. How often do you surf? When do you usually surf?

Discussion.Work in groups. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of computers answering questions.Express your own attitude to computers using the table and the given phrases.

  1. What do you think of computers?

  2. What is the best thing about computers?

  3. What is the worst thing about computers?

  4. What would life be like without your computer?








help to learn foreign languages



help do a lot of things faster and better

to do shopping online

to send emails

to find information

to join chat groups

help connect people

who lives so

far away from each other



- “





As for me I think….

I think that….

To my mind the computer…

- You can express your own attitude to computers using the given phrases.

- Yes, really, computers are useful, but very often it is dangerous for our health


  1. Do this puzzle on given cards and you’ll read the name of one of the most successful computer companies.

  1. This small box is used to operate a computer. (mouse)

  2. A document on your computer.(file)

  3. A device which is used to transfer photos and texts to your computer.(scanner)

  4. To make a computer better or able to do more things.(upgrade)

  5. This looks like a typewriter and has the keys you need to press (keyboard).

  6. It can be hard. It can be floppy. (disk)

  7. A device which allows your computer to send messages along a telephone line. (modem)

  8. An unfriendly or rude e-mail. (flame)

  9. To start a computer. (boot)


  1. Information about the Microsoft.

In 1975 two friends: Bill Gates and Paul Allen started Microsoft and very soon it became a business success. In 1980, Gates bought a small company which produced an operating system called DOS. He made some changes to it and renamed it MSDOS.He sold the rights to use this system to IBM. Since 1980 MSDOS has been the standard operating system for all PCs. Microsoft has also developed such well – known programmes as Windows, Excel and Internet Explorer.

ІV. Заключительнаячастьурока.


Let’s finsh our lesson with making a white poem


Think way



What? Who? The topic of the lesson

1 noun


What kind? The characteristic of the topic

2-3 adjectives


What does it do?

3 verbs


Personal opinion about the topic

A sentence containing 4-5 words


New associations with the topic

1 noun, synonym, association

Foe example::

  1. Computer

  2. Important, exciting, useful

  3. Help, find, chat

  4. Can’t live without computer

  5. Necessity



Exercise. Translate sentences into English.

1. Удобно пользоваться электронной почтой, чтобы контактировать с друзьями.

2. Благодаря компьютеру я могу получать и отправлять сообщения в любое время.

3. Компьютерная терминология не очень трудная. Многие слова пришли из английского языка.

4. Он интересуется компьютерами, знает, как ими пользоваться и владеет основами компьютерного общения.

5. Когда работаешь с компьютером, возникают проблемы, которые необходимо решить.

6. Мы купили компьютер только два года назад, и он уже устарел.

7. Интепесно, он пользуется компьютером сейчас или пишет книги ручкой?

8. «Майкрософт» стала крупнейшей фирмой в мире, разрабатывающей программное обеспечение для компьютеров.

Summary.What would happen if all computers suddenly stopped forever?

- So, the lesson is over. You can be free.

- Thank you and Goodbye, friends!

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