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Урок-путешествие “A visit to Scotland”.

Цели урока:

  1. Способствовать расширению общего и страноведческого кругозора;

  2. Углубить знания учащихся о культуре, истории, традициях Шотландии и достопримечательностях Эдинбурга;

  3. Проконтролировать степень усвоения знаний по теме;

  4. Способствовать развитию социокультурной компетенции

Ход урока:

Teacher: I want to draw your attention to the blackboard where the quotation from John Clark is written. “ He that travels far knows much”. I think these words can be the motto of our lesson.

We shall make an imaginary trip to one of the English-speaker countries.

By the way, what English-speaking countries do you know?

Pupils: Great Britain, India, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, The USA, Some African countries.

Teacher. We are going to speak about an English-speaking country. But which one? Look at the blackboard. You can see a crossword puzzle there.

^ Ученикам раздаются карточки с описанием стран под цифрами 1-6. Учащиеся читают описание, угадывают название и заполняют кроссворд.

(Students are given cards. They read aloud the description of the countries, guess the country and fill the crossword puzzle).

  1. This country is situated in the southern hemisphere. When it is midnight in Great Britain, it is the noon of the next day in this country. It is the smallest continent and the largest island.

  2. This country lies in the middle of North American continent. Its area is over 9 million square kilometers. The country consists of 50 states. Its national emblem is the bald eagle.

  3. It is not a large country. It is situated in Europe. It is much smaller than France or Norway. It consists of four parts.

  4. This magic country is a country of tea and coffee, a country of films and bright colours, a country of elephants and tigers.

  5. This country is called the “Upside down country”. The hottest summer month is June and the coldest winter month is Januare. It lies in the Southern hemisphere.

  6. It is very large country. Its territory is about 10 million square kilomrters, people speak English and French there.

Teacher. The name of the country you`ve found is Scotland. “A visit to Scotland” is the topic of our lesson.

Teacher. What do you know about Scotland?

P1. Scotland is a country in the north of Great Britain. It is a part of Great Britain. Its total area is 78,769 sq.km. Its population is 5.200.000 people. It is country of great variety with its own unique character and strong traditions.

P2. It is a very beautiful country famous for the diversity of its landscapes. Scotland is devided into Highlands and Lowlands. A lot of places in Scotland are a natural paradise, still untouched by man.

P3. The white diagonal cross on a blue background is the cross of St. Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland. A thistle is the national emblem of Scotland. A bagpipe is the national instrument of Scotland.

^ Teacher. Do you know why the thistle has become the national emblem of Scotland? There is a very interesting legend. Let`s read it.

In very ancient times the Norsemen landed on the east of Scotland. They wanted to settle in the country. Scots waited for the enemy behind the river Tay, the largest river in Scotland. As they arrived late, they didn`t expect the enemy before the next day. The Norsemen were near. They crossed the Tay, intending to take Scots by surprise in their sleep. For this, they took off their shoes to make the least noise possible. But one of the Norsemen stepped on the thistle. He cried of sharp pain. The alarm was given. The Norsemen were put to flight. For this help the Scots made thistle their national emblem.”

P4. The kilt, the most important part of Scotland`s national dress, is made from tartan cloth. To make a kilt it takes eight meters of tartan cloth. Kilts are worn by men and women, but a man`s kilt has a pocket made from leather and silver. It`s worn in front and called a sporran.

P5. And of course everyone knows about the Lock Ness Monster. “Nessie” is said to be about six meters long, thin neck. Since 1934 thousands of people claimed to they had seen the monster. Scientists have investigated the lake and taken pictures but no scientific explanation of the mystery has been given.

P6. Edinburg is the capital of Scotland. It is a busy modern city which has a lot of places of interest: the Castle, Princes Street, Floral Clock, Holyrood Palace. The Castle was the home of Scotland`s royal family until the year 1603 when King James became king of England.

P7. Dundee, Glasgow, Elgin, Aberdeen and Greenock are the largest cities of Scotland. The typical products of Scotland are: timber, whisky, salmon.

P8. Robert Burns is the world famous Scottish poet. Every year on the 25-th of January, Scottish people celebrate his birthday.

Teacher. Let`s listen to one of his beautiful poems “A red, red rose”.

P1. Oh, my love like a red, red rose

That`s newly spring in June:

O my love like a melody

That`s sweetly play`d in tune.

As fair art thou, my bonic lass

So deep in love am I:

A will love thee still, my dear,

Till a the seas gang dry

Till a the seas gang dry, my dear

And the rock melt wi` the sun

And I will love thee still, my dear

While the sands o`life shall run

And fare thee will, my only, love

And fare thee will a while!

And I will come again, my love

Tho` it were ten thousand mile.

P2. Любовь как роза, роза красная

Цветёт в моём саду

Любовь моя – как песенка

С которой я в путь иду.

Сильнее красоты твоей

Моя любовь одна

Она с тобой, пока моря

Не высохнут до дна

Не высохнут моря, мой друг,

Не рушится гранит,

Не остановится песок,

А он, как жизнь бежит…

Будь счастлива, моя любовь,

Прощай и не грусти

Вернусь к тебе, хоть целый свет

Пришлось бы мне пройти.

Teacher. You`ve seen and heard a lot of interesting information and learnt a lot of facts about Scotland. And now I want to check your knowledge about Scotland.

(Students are given tests.)

  1. The symbol of Scotland is

  1. A daffodil

  2. A dandelion

  3. A thistle

  1. The Scottish residence of the Royal family is

  1. Hollywood

  2. Holyrood

  3. Grenta green

  1. The patron saint of Scotland is

  1. St. Patric

  2. St. Andrew

  3. St. George

  1. The most favourite Scottish food is

  1. Fish and chips

  2. Bacon and eggs

  3. Haggis

Teacher: Let`s finish our visit to Scotland. Thank you all of you.


Your work today was good, your marks are…

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